Street names

In 2018, together with Sara Sprinkhuizen, I analysed the 5.400 streetnames of Amsterdam. Our main question was: who do we name our streets after?

Visualizing the results

Ofcourse, it was great fun visualizing the results. Among other graphics, we produced this map that showed the difference between men and women:

Besides this map, we visualised our findings in other diagrams, as well an interactive graph, see the one below. This shows all the public transport stations (subway and tram).

Our findings were published at De Correspondent. Bregje Hofstede wrote an article based on our findings and we published a piece where we described our methods.

Story by Bregje Hofstede

How we did it


Research in other cities followed. For example, colleague Riffy Bol researched the city of Utrecht. I visualised his results. These can be found in this article.